DrumHead Enterprises - Expressive Drumming and Percussion Workshops for Seniors & Kids!
Expressive Drum & Percussion Workshop for KIDS!
Kids 4-12 have fun 'EXPRESSING' themselves with this 45 minute interactive program as they are introduced to interesting drums and percussive instruments from around the world. The kids will learn basic hand drum and percussion techniques, 'talk' to one another using drums and make their own rhythms as they sharpen their listening skills and learn about musical dynamics. Using some exotic instruments, the group will even create the sounds of their own RAINFOREST!
Program Costs
DHE will provide all professional level drums and percussive instruments for up to 30 participants. One to two facilitators will introduce interesting drums and percussive instruments, review basic drumming and percussive techniques and guide the kids to create their own unique rhythms and songs.
In New Jersey
BONK! Program - from $150
Outside New Jersey
BONK! Program - from $175
The BONK! program can be customized to work within your budget and your number of participants! Discounts are available for multiple program bookings! This includes multiple bookings on same day or sharing the day with a nearby facility.
Call 732-580-3027 or email drumheadsteve@yahoo.com
for details and to book your event!
"...Everyone had a great time. Steve was great with all the kids and I heard many compliments from the parents. Nice job Steve!..." - Bernadette Parker, Ocean County Library, Tom's River, NJ
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